Fast Casual Restaurants for Vegans/Vegetarians (Marlton NJ)

“Going vegan”, or pursuing a vegetarian way of eating, are both life style changes that many people have chosen. Not all restaurants cater to non-meat-eaters though and that can be frustrating when wanting to dine out, especially with others who are not vegetarian. The following restaurants in Marlton, New Jersey, provide wholesome, tempting and enjoyable veggie options.

With their slogan “Real fast good”, B Good in Marlton, located on Route 73 S, puts together some kale and grain bowls, with either organic quinoa or super-grain mix, that anyone would like…

Lobby Group Seeking to Conceal the True Cause of Drug Shortages

Over the past few years, drug shortages have become more well publicized; unfortunately, the underlying causes for these shortages have not been as well publicized. This has allowed lobby groups to set the narrative in a way that distorts the truth. One such group, Physicians Against Drug Shortages led by Phillip Zweig, has implicated healthcare group purchasing organizations (GPOs) as the underlying cause of all recent drug shortages and even blames them for the rise of HIV/AIDS.