Best Places to Buy Chocolate in New York City

Chocolate comes from the cacao tree. These trees produce flowers, growing pods that can ripen into beans. Five years after the tree is first planted, it’ll grow flowers all over its trunk. Every year for the next three decades, all year round, the cacao tree flowers. Only a percent of these flowers create pods that become the beans used to make chocolate. The pods of green, red, orange, and yellow will ripen about six months after the cocao plant flowers. The pods Contain around 30 to 50 beans that are eventually transformed into chocolate or cocoa powder.

The basic production of chocolate from bean to bar is:
The Drying Process
Roasting and Grinding
Taste Test

Basically, the way the process has evolved over the year has to do with machinery being developed to make the process of turning beans into chocolate bars go smoother. After the bars pass the taste test, they can be sent to stores for consumer purchase. The best chocolate can be purchased from the bean to bar manufacturers.

Mast Brothers
Mast Brothers Chocolate Company is located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Michael and Richard Mast also have factories in London and in Los Angeles. Mast Chocolate makers make one of the finest artisan chocolates in the entire world.

Lindt has revolutionized the conching process of mixing the heated chocolate until it’s as smooth as velvet since Rodolphe Lindt refined the process in 1879. Rodolphe Lindt and David Sprüngli-Schwarz founded Lindt Chocolate in 1845 in Zurich, Switzerland. Lindt chocolates are very picky about only using the finest beans to make their chocolate bars. They have a factory in New York.

Nunu Chocolates
Proprietor Justine Pringle named her Brooklyn store and factory after a term of endearment for children in her native South Africa. She brings to Nunu the best of the original taste of chocolate. Pringle only uses the finest beans that a local Columbian farm can produce.

Raaka Chocolates
Ryan Cheney and his friend Nate Hodge teamed up in 2010 to create virgin chocolate that is made from high quality, unroasted cocoa beans. Cheney and Hodge want the natural flavors of chocolate, such as earthy floral and dried fruits from places such as Bolivia and Belize. Cheney and Hodge believe that roasting can mask the true flavors of chocolate.

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