Board Appoints Doctor to New Leadership Position

Margaret Hamburg M.D. was appointed president of the American Association for The Advancement of Sciences (AAAS). She began her term in February 2017.

Dr. Hamburg has an impressive list of achievements. She is a board member of the Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy and foreign secretary for the National Academy of Medicine (NAM). She will continue to serve these positions while working for the AAAS.

Dr. Hamburg is thrilled about the possibilities of medical science in the near future. Much research together with rapidly advancing technology is creating medicines and treatment protocols that were unheard of just a decade ago a reality. Medical conditions that were once thought to be not treatable are now treatable with with targeted cancer treatment therapies involving the patient’s own immune cells.

“We must all work together to ensure that vital scientific discoveries continue and that they are translated as swiftly and effectively as possible into real-world products and interventions that will make a difference for people. More than ever, we must support, educate and advocate for the essential role that science plays in our lives and our future,” says Dr. Hamburg.

A commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) from 2009-2015, Dr. Hamburg worked to get medical devices and new drug protocols approved for safety and efficacy. In addition, she helped implement laws to regulate food safety and educate individual about tobacco use. She served under President Bill Clinton in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services as assistant secretary for planning and evaluation.

Prior to her work for the FDA, Dr. Hamburg was a senior scientist and vice president at the Nuclear Threat Initiative.

Jeffrey Bluestone, Ph.D, the CEO and president of the Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy highly endorses Dr. Hamburg’s expertise in health care, regulatory affairs and medical science. The Parker Institute brings together the best scientists, physicians, researchers and other industry specialists to coordinate the most efficient care for cancer patients. Immunotherapy is the future of cancer treatment and finding real cures with little or no side effects of dangerous and toxic drugs. The center works with the biggest cancer hospitals in the country such as Memorial Sloan Kettering in New York, Stanford at the University of California in Los Angeles, and the University of Texas MD Anderson.

There is no doubt that Dr. Margaret Hamburg will be a monumental asset to science and the AAAS.