Business Men Who Prefer to Charter Private Jets

Private jet chartering has previously been reserved for the wealthy or business executives, but today it can be available to almost anyone. Many jet chartering services like the one Sergey Petrossov started offers empty seats on private jets providing you have the flexibility to fly the next day. This is called “Shared Jet Rental Services”. By shopping around, you could get a seat for little more than flying “coach”, but travel in style and comfort.

One advantage in “Shared Jet Rental Services” or flying by private jet is that you can fly directly to more locations. Commercial airlines have scheduled flight paths meaning you may have to change planes to arrive at your destination. There are many smaller airports around the country than ones that serve commercial aircraft.

Other advantages are:
-They have the capability to fly higher and faster than commercial ones avoiding severe weather patterns.
-There are seldom any dealings with TSA.
-No tiresome check-in lines.
-Smaller airports have little or no security for private jets.
-For the frequent flyer, some private airlines offer unlimited private flights for a monthly “membership” fee, which is a great commodity for smaller businesses.

Many celebrities own private planes. John Travolta has a fleet of private jets and has flown commercially for the Australian Airline, Quantas. Businessman and now President, Donald Trump, has owned his luxury jet for more than 20 years. Private jets can be very important to transport sports teams around the country, and Mark Cuban bought a Boeing 767-277 in 1999 adapting it with luxurious seats and extra leg room for his basketball team, the Dallas Mavericks. It is unlikely you would meet Mariah Carey, Paris Hilton or one of the Kardashian family on a scheduled airline, they always travel by private jet.

Jet rental companies offer planes seating as many as 30 passengers, which is ideal for groups traveling together, i.e. business conventions, orchestras and rock bands with their entourage. Business executives tend to save time and money by working while traveling, so flying by private jet allows a less noisy environment and more privacy when making confidential phone calls.

Every time a jet is booked for a one-way flight, there might be an “empty leg” available for the return journey. By doing some research before you fly, you could impress your friends and family by traveling in style and luxury for little more than a commercial flight.