Easy Recipes When You’Re In A Hurry

Everyone knows that if you’ve got a job that keeps you busy from 9 to 5 and if you work after hours, when you get home, all you feel like is taking a shower and going to sleep to be ready for the next day.

home_food_saladHowever, eating is more than a necessity, because it should be a great deal of pleasure not only in eating it but also in preparing it. Even so, many people don’t have the necessary time to cook their own meals, so they prefer to eat in a restaurant or buy something for the microwave on their way back home.

Almost all of you know that this is not a solution, because the restaurant proves to be expensive most of the times and you don’t really know what you’re eating, and the dishes that are available in the hypermarkets, which are processed for the microwave, contain plenty of harmful substances that are simply not good for your health.

This is why we’ve thought to present you with a few simple recipes that are ready in less than a half of hour, so that you could eat something healthy and fresh in the comfort of your own home.

Easy Pasta

This recipe is very close to the Bolognese pasta, but it’s different in both preparation and cooking style. We said that it is close because our recipe was inspired from it, so here it is. All you need is some pasta – depending on what you like and in the quantity you need it, 2 tomatoes, 1 tablespoon of olive oil, an onion, some Kaiser or any other kind of meat based ingredients, like sausage, salami or others, some parmesan if you like it, some tomato sauce and some spices – salt and pepper.

salad-as-a-healthy-foodPut one table spoon of oil into the pan and add the onion cut in small pieces. Let it for 2 minutes and add the Kaiser or what you have chosen for this pasta, also cut in small pieces. Let it there for a few minutes until it looks caramelized.

In another pot put the pasta in water and boil it until you are satisfied with the consistency. Some like it al dente, while other people like the pasta boiled really good.

While the pasta is cooking, turn back to the other pot and add the tomatoes cut in really small pieces. Make sure you keep on mixing the contents of the pan. Add some tomato sauce and the spices – salt and pepper after your taste.

If the pasta is boiled, drain the water and put the pasta for 30 second under a sprinkle of cold water – this will prevent them from sticking one to another. Now the pasta is ready so you can add the content of the pan over them. You can mix all the content up and place it in another pot – add some parmesan over it and place it in the oven for 10 minutes shrimp

Smashed Potatoes with Sausage and Prickles

Everyone knows how to clean the potatoes, so clean about 6 of them and cut them into pieces. Put them in water and boil the content until you can stick the fork easily into the potatoes.

When they are boiled, drain the water but leave there about a half of cup. There are special tools to smash the potatoes – if you don’t have one, you can also use the mixer. Smash them until they become creamy. In a clean pot, put one tablespoon of oil and let it on the fire for 30 seconds – it should get really hot and ready to be poured over the potatoes. Mix everything for another 30 seconds and add some salt for your own taste.

If you like it better, you can use butter instead of oil. These two ingredients will give them that consistency that you love so much – the smashed potatoes will become creamy and tasty.

421-h_main-wNow all you have to do is fry the sausages – depending on what you have bough, you can slice them into small pieces or you can just cut them on the surface. This last thing will prevent them to pop, but they will also be good looking.

Take out some prickles, drain them and cut them, and now you’re ready to have your meal. Add some smashed potatoes on a plate, add some sausages and you are ready to eat!

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