Fast Casual Restaurants for Vegans/Vegetarians (Marlton NJ)

“Going vegan”, or pursuing a vegetarian way of eating, are both life style changes that many people have chosen. Not all restaurants cater to non-meateaters though and that can be frustrating when wanting to dine out, especially with others who are not vegetarian. The following restaurants in Marlton, New Jersey, provide wholesome, tempting and enjoyable veggie options.

With their slogan “Real fast good”, B Good in Marlton, located on Route 73 S, puts together some kale and grain bowls, with either organic quinoa or super-grain mix, that anyone would like, such as their Spicy Avocado & Lime bowl that also has black beans and corn salsa with a chipotle puree or the Power bowl with sesame carrots and chickpeas. Both of these can have tofu added. If in the mood for a burger, B Good, prepares a home-made veggie burger that can be eaten by vegans, those that don’t eat dairy. Watermelon and Feta salad with baby spinach, cannellini beans and toasted corn, stands out. B Good uses only locally sourced ingredients.

The Kettle & Grille, on Maple Ave, is a diner in the best sense of the word. The décor is cheerful and the menu is varied. Most of the vegetarian choices are in the breakfast and lunch category. There are many omelettes to whet your appetite from a basic cheese to an asparagus mozzarella. Two of the sandwiches which are particularly suited to vegetarians are the Grilled Eggplant, served on a toasted baguette, or the Portabella Piazza. They also serve Spanikopita which is a filo pastry stuffed with feta cheese and spinach. Upon request, some salads can be prepared without meat.

Also located on Route 73 S, is Turning Point. This is a slightly more expensive, but quite vegetarian minded, restaurant. Breakfast offerings include yolkless omelettes, Garden Frittata served on a toasted wheat pita and a Pesto Infusion Skillet. For later in the day, they serve Zucchini “spaghetti” with roasted portabellos and red peppers and fresh basil pesto.

If you’re craving some Chinese, Joe’s Peking Duck House has been serving authentic food in Marlton since 1986. Along with the classic entrees, there are numerous veggie choices from soup and appetizers to vegetable entrees and lo meins.

Whether your preference is totally committed vegetarian or you just enjoy a meatless meal occasionally, the restaurants listed above can offer delicious options to satisfy your veggie cravings.